Agali Awamu: Converting organic waste into biogas

Agali Awamu provides smallholder farmers in some rural Ugandan areas with clean cooking gas in return for their organic waste. Most of these farmers deliver sugar cane to a local sugar producer for processing. Agali Awamu uses the biological waste that results from this process to produce biogas that the farmers can take back home when dropping off the sugar cane at the production site. For transport, a specific backpack is constructed (see picture below).

The venture currently evaluates two possible business models:
1) sugar producers pay for the technology and then run the biogas plant themselves
2) Agali Awamu runs the plant and the farmers pay a small fee for the gas

One biogas plant has already been built and is in operation, two more are currently in construction. Agali Awamu is conducting interviews with local farmers to assess the acceptance of biogas replacing the firewood that 90 – 95 % of the rural population uses for cooking.


Developed in lot 6 //Challenge: How might we improve access to affordable and reliable energy in Uganda?

Team: Kakira Sugar Ltd., Renewable Energy Options Ltd., Awamu Bio Mass Energy Ltd.

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