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lab 3: Access to medicines and diagnostics in Kenya

The challenge

We are curious to see the innovative ideas and solutions to the main question of our third lab: How might we improve access to medicines and medical diagnosis in Kenya?


Kenya faces the central challenge of improving access to medicines to low-income populations, especially in rural and remote areas.

This is the result of a variety of problems, such as limited availability of high-quality products, inefficient demand planning, long lead times, lack of appropriate storage space, as well as poor infrastructure. Responding to this nationwide problem, the Government’s total health expenditure has increased to USD 580 million of the current budget.

As a sizeable market potential meets a pressing development challenge, this lab of tomorrow will be dedicated to creating innovative, business-driven solutions that can overcome substantial hurdles along Kenya’s pharmaceutical supply chain.

Examples of key stakeholders

In Europe:

  • Pharmaceutical/healthcare companies
  • Logistic companies
  • Supply chain management experts
  • IT companies (data analytics, inventory management, e-health, tracking & tracing, routing & mapping systems)


In Kenya

  • Kenya Medical Supplies Agency
  • Pharmacy and Poison Board Kenya
  • Kenyan Ministry of Health
  • World Health Organization
  • International foundations
  • Logistic/pharma companies