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lab 3: Access to medicines and diagnostics in Kenya

A comprehensive research and first ideas

1. Introduction

The Kenyan Ministry of Health aims to attain equitable, accessible, and quality healthcare for all and recognises the importance of building a progressive, responsive, and sustainable healthcare system. Despite significant improvements of health outcomes in Kenya, many challenges still exist that disproportionately affect the most vulnerable populations. This includes those living in extreme poverty who cannot afford medicines or diagnostic procedures, and those living in remote, rural areas and conflict zones, where access to essential medicines is low. Shortages of medicines and other health products not only lead to poor health outcomes, but also have an economic and social impact on the country overall.
The lab of tomorrow – Improving access to medicines and diagnostics in Kenya, is looking to explore the key challenges related to the accessibility and affordability of healthcare for such vulnerable populations, and explore and develop innovative, sustainable business-driven solutions together with European and African stakeholders that can overcome substantial hurdles along Kenya’s pharmaceutical supply chain. Inefficient logistics services affect economic growths, congestion and road safety. Transforming logistic services in a sustainable, innovative manner can improve the efficiency of goods distribution, reduce energy consumption and emissions of freight vehicles and contribute to the overall efficiency of supply chains.
This report compiles personal experiences, research and interviews to provide context to the challenges, as well as initiatives that are taking place in the country to inform participating stakeholders for solutions development.

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