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Digitalization of hospital management in Tanzania

The challenge

How might we introduce IT-based administration in Tanzanian hospitals in order to unleash their full capacity?


© GIZ / Dirk Ostermeier
© GIZ / Dirk Ostermeier

Currently, the administration within Tanzanian hospitals is mainly analogue, which has proven to be extremely inefficient. The claims of reimbursement from insurances last extremely long, the full capacity of the Tanzanian hospitals is not exhausted and monitoring is difficult or virtually impossible.

The pilot project CAHMS has shown that digitalization can significantly increase the productivity within hospitals. In fact, introducing IT-based administration resulted in a 147 % increase of productivity.

However, the digitalization of hospital administration involves multiple challenges. For instance:
•Limited financial resources of hospitals in the roll-out
•Shortage of hardware, software and capacity building
•Seamless integration among applications, medical, communication and physical infrastructure technologies
•Managing cyber risks

Business potential & stakeholders

The digitalization of Tanzanian hospitals entails a high business potential. For example, companies are needed that offer innovative technologies, capacity building or administration services on a pay-as-you-go basis. To solve this challenge, stakeholders with diverse expertise and resources need to join forces, such as...

  • Software suppliers

  • E-Health companies

  • Health insurance providers

  • Medical experts and hospital staff

  • Government representatives