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Energy efficient buildings in Tanzania


How might we develop the know-how and the delivery of energy- and water-efficient buildings in Tanzania?


© GIZ/Michael Tsegaye
© GIZ/Michael Tsegaye

Awareness and provision of information on building performance with regard to energy- and water-efficiency is lacking in Tanzania. This results in high energy prices. Since tenants cannot access relevant information on the composition of the total costs of rent, there is no incentive for the provider to develop sustainable buildings.

Even though the development of sustainable and cost efficient buildings would in the long-term benefit both tenants and suppliers, currently there is no competition in this market. The know-how of design and construction and thus the offer of energy and water efficient buildings is fragmented, if not lacking at all.

Business potential & stakeholders

Sustainable and cost efficient buildings in Tanzania still represent an untapped market that offers viable and promising business opportunities for diverse actors. For instance, there is a need for architects, constructors and suppliers of technical equipment, who have the resources and know-how to integrate solutions and services for sustainable buildings. Especially, the introduction of heat recovery and of solar water heater has a high potential. Likewise, solutions are needed that provide costs transparency for tenants, such as efficiency certificates or owner reports.

To solve this challenge, we need to bring together multiple stakeholders of this fragmented market and take into account their diverse needs and incentives. Important actors are, for instance...

  • Suppliers of technical equipment, for example window/glazing, cooling- and ventilation systems, lighting systems, control systems, hot water systems, smart home solutions, water installations plumbing, electrical components, insulation and metering.

  • Architects, constructors, designers and building operators

  • Associations and Agencies (e.g. Tanzania Buildings Agency, Contractors registration board, Contractors Association of Tanzania)

  • Potential clients, such as super markets, large commercial and industry buildings, hotels, high cost homes, international schools, MNCs and hospitals