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lab 7: More and better skilled staff for the Egyptian tourism sector

The challenge

The lab of tomorrow joined forces with TUI in order to tackle the challenge: How might we improve the quality and quantity of skilled personnel for the Egyptian tourism sector?

Preliminary sub-challenges

The possibilities to improve the quality and quantity of skilled personnel for the Egyptian tourism sector are manifold and imply different challenges.

In order to develop all-embracing business solutions, our partners are committing financial and personnel resources to support the solution development for specific problems they are facing (“sub-challenges”). 

Six working groups have formed which each tackle a specific sub-challenge:


1. Management training

TUI Hotels&Resorts, TUI Magic Life Kalawy, Jaz Hotels&Resorts

How might we help middle and upper management staff to improve management skills in order to increase service quality as well as sustainability, health and safety standards?


2. On the job training/practical training

Robinson Club Soma Bay, Cairo Pyramids Hotel

How might we help existing staff to improve access to on the job training in order to deliver better service?


3. Pre-job training

TUI Hotels&Resorts, GIZ Enhancement of the Egyptian Dual System (EEDS)

How might we help the private sector and the government to improve technical and vocational education in the tourism sector in order to improve the quality of the sector?


4. Re-integration of former staff

GIZ Employment Promotion Project (EPP)

How might we help hotel operators to hire/ (re-)train former staff in order to re-integrate them?


5. Job quality

GIZ Labour Market Access Project (LMAP)

How might we help companies to improve job quality in order to enhance the attractiveness of the tourism sector for blue-collar workers (age group 18-35)?


6. Diversity & Inclusion

TUI Care Foundation

How might we provide future perspectives for disadvantaged youngsters (with a focus on young women) in the tourism industry in Egypt?

Background of the Egyptian tourism industry

The tourism industry is one of the major sectors of Egypt’s economy: In 2016, it contributed 7.2% of GDP and 6,6% of total employment, with rising tendency. In view of the recession during the past fours years, the government remains determined for the sector to retain its position as a key driver of the economy and aims to increase tourism flows to reach 20 million by 2020.

  • To meet the market needs, the tourism sector is required to double the number of its employees and improve their qualifications.
  • There is an urgent need for more and modernized capacity building measures in the Egyptian tourism sector

Vocational education and training is of high priority for Egypt’s government, since the lack of qualified professionalists is a crucial obstacle for the development of the Egyptian economy. Ministries and companies alike are willing to invest in demand-driven offers of education and training for young Egyptian workers.

  • There are vast opportunities for European companies in the field of vocational education and training to offer tailor made solutions for the Egyptian tourism sector, win important market shares and lead the way to an efficient and sustainable workforce in Egypt!

The global context

The challenge Egypt’s tourism sector is facing is not a local phenomenon. In fact, it mirrors the Sustainable Development Goals No. 4 and No. 8, promoting lifelong quality education and decent work for all by 2030, that were adopted by the UN General Assembly.

  • In over 76% of the countries with data, more than 1 in 10 youth are neither in the educational system nor working. Young women are more likely than young men to fall into that category.
  • Goal 4 and 8 aim to ensure equal access for all women and men to affordable and quality technical, vocational and tertiary education and full and productive employment by 2030.
  • By 2030, the proportion of youth not in employment, education or training shall be reduced substantially.

Obtaining a quality education and decent work is the foundation to improving people’s lives and sustainable development.

Latest news

Jan 18
Final agenda ready for download

Dear participants of the 7th lab of tomorrow,

The final agenda has been uploaded to https://www.lab-of-tomorrow.com/challenge/17 and is at your disposal.

Best regards,
Your lab of tomorrow Team

Jan 18
7th lab of tomorrow: Workshop - Preliminary Agenda

Dear participants of the 7th lab of tomorrow,

You can now access the preliminary agenda for our workshop in February as a PDF document on https://www.lab-of-tomorrow.com/challenge/17.
In case of further changes you will be notified again.

Warm regards,
Your lab of tomorrow Team