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lot 7: More and better skilled staff for the Egyptian tourism sector

Job quality-Careerisma

The mission of team Careerisma is to help companies enhance the attractiveness of the tourism sector for young technical workers, the so-called “blue collar workers”. The business model is a B2B Software as a Service solution that provides free access to knowledge and skill building to blue collar workers in the Egyptian tourism sector. The software allows them to take courses, to receive accredited certificates and to view the next steps necessary for their personal career development. It furthermore provides the workers with insights and practical guidelines that aim to increase their work satisfaction and job quality. The product is designed as a license model: Hotel companies engage with their staff on an online and mobile platform for which they have to pay a fee. Parts of the content are free of charge while others have a cost depending on the content.

After defining the career path as well as the types of content, team Careerisma will work on the technical implementation of the software in terms of system setup and customization. The next steps include the launch of a marketing campaign and finally a test survey will be defined and rolled-out.


German Hotel School El Gouna, HealthyWork, Shift e-Business GmbH, Orascom Hotel Management, AfricaWorks, IMC AG, Teleperformance, Cegos Group, GIZ