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lab 8: Decreasing plastic waste in Thailand

These prototypes have been developed


RE-: Uniting brands to sell consumer goods made from 100% recycled plastic

RE- will design and sell products made from 100% recycled plastic - especially highly visible consumer products such as phone covers and umbrellas - with renowned Thai brands in order to raise funds for foundations and social enterprises for plastics reduction and plastics management, while especially showing the qualities of recycled plastic to make it a day to day object.


Green Loop: 1-Stop-Solution for brands to offset PET plastic waste

Green Loop will offer brand owners a solution to offset their plastic waste put into circulation to an agreed percentage. The system includes collecting PET plastic, processing it into high-quality raw material and rewarding Green Certificates to the brands.


Wayste to Success: Consulting for hotels to achieve more sustainability

Wayste to Success will offer consulting services to hotel managers and owners to guide and support them through tailored information, best practices, expertise, trainings and tools to become more eco-friendly and find business opportunities in sustainable operations.


GREENUSE: Substituting food plastic packaging with reusable delivery containers in offices

GREENUSE will offer a multi-use container delivery and cleaning service for food deliveries to offices that substitute plastic packaging.


GREENRISE: A system to purchase rice in reusable containers instead of single-use plastic

GREENRISE will enable customers to buy rice from a vending machine in a retail store with self-brought containers or purchased reusable containers.


Happy Cup: A convenient, hygienic and affordable alternative to single-use plastic cups in closed spaces

Happy Cup will offer a deposit-refund system for reusable beverage cups for mall customers. Via a smartphone app, customers become a Happy Cup member and receive a discount on their drink.