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lab 6: Access to affordable and reliable energy in Uganda

The challenge

The lab of tomorrow joined forces with Siemens in order to tackle the challenge: How might we improve access to affordable and reliable energy in Uganda?


Currently, Uganda has one of the lowest per capita electricity consumption in the world. Electricity demand has been growing at an average of 10% per annum, however, the supply did not increase proportionally. Uganda’s energy sector attracts large investments by the Ugandan Government and the private sector.

  • The total estimated potential of renewable energy resources is about 5,3 GW
  • Hydro, biomass, solar and geothermal energy are considered to have large potential for electricity generation
  • At a national level, 20 percent of Ugandans have access to electricity; which drops to 10 percent in rural areas


There are vast opportunities to provide millions of people access to energy by offering tailor-made solutions for the Ugandan market.


The possibilities to improve access to affordable and reliable energy are manifold and imply different challenges. In order to develop all-embracing business solutions, participants are encouraged to commit themselves to tackle specific sub-challenges.

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