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lot 10: Industry 4.0 solutions to monitor and control waste and water use in Tunisian agri-food industries

Challenge Identification

How might we use Industry 4.0 solutions to monitor and control waste and water use in Tunisian agri-food industries?

Tunisian agri-food industries suffer from high quantities of water use and liquid waste resulting in negative impacts on the environment and business performance​. This is caused by a lack of technical and/or human capacities for monitoring water use and liquid waste.


The full sub-challenges are:

  1. How might we support cheese industries to monitor whey (liquid waste) parameters throughout the production process?
  2. How might we support oil mill owners to monitor freshwater ​consumption and margine (liquid waste)?


Agri-food production is the fastest growing industry sector in Tunisia with an annual growth rate of 10.7% in 2020. But it is also the most polluting and water consuming sector, contributing to up to 65% of the country's total amount of waste. Within the agri-food industry, olive oil and cheese production do produce the largest amounts of waste, namely margine and cheese whey. 

Find out how olive oil is produced in a video here.

Watch the cheese production process in a video here.

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