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lot 7: More and better skilled staff for the Egyptian tourism sector

Challenge Identification

How might we improve the quality and quantity of skilled personnel for the Egyptian tourism sector?

The tourism industry is one of the major sectors of Egypt’s economy: In 2016, it contributed 7.2 % of GDP and 6.6 % of total employment, with a rising tendency. To meet the market needs, the tourism sector is required to double the number of its employees and improve their qualifications. There is an urgent need for more and modernized capacity-building measures in the Egyptian tourism sector.


Vocational education and training is a high priority of the Egyptian government since the lack of qualified professionals is a big obstacle for the development of the Egyptian economy. Ministries and companies alike are willing to invest in demand-driven offers of education and training for young Egyptian workers.

Read more about the business opportunities in the field of vocational education and training in the Egyptian tourism sector in our insights report:

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