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lot 9: Connecting distributed solar PV projects to the Clean Energy Certificate market in Mexico

Challenge Identification

How might we generate business models that enable distributed solar PV projects to access the Clean Energy Certificates market?

Clean Energy Certificates (CEL for their Spanish initials) certify a given source of power generation as being a clean energy source (e.g. solar, wind, geothermal). The CEL system grants a certificate for each MWh of electricity produced by a generator using clean energy technologies. Large generators of solar photovoltaic projects are already benefitting from additional income from the sale of CELs, while there are currently no profitable business models that allow small generators - such as solar rooftops in residential and commercial sectors - to benefit from the income of these CELs.


By the end of 2017, the installed capacity of distributed photovoltaic solar energy reached 434 MW and, according to optimistic projections, can reach 6 GW by 2024. This segment could benefit largely from additional income that could be generated from the sale of the Clean Energy Certificates (CELs).

Learn more about the clean energy market and the Clean Energy Certificates (CELs) in Mexico in our insights report (in Spanish):

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