E-/FTTV: Bringing electricity and fiber to the village

Only 7 % of Ugandan rural communities are connected to the electricity grid and information and communication technologies (ICT). This hinders rural productivity and economic activities and reduces income potential for utilities. The cost of infrastructure deployment is too high to connect everybody economically, resulting in slow grid expansion. 

Electricity and Fiber To The Village (E-/FTTV) is a shared infrastructure concept that combines the roll out of electricity and ICT in rural areas of Uganda. The cost of the new distribution lines and the fiber optic cable can be repaid much faster with the combined revenues from electricity and broadband services consumption. The simultaneous roll out reduces the cost of the entire project, thus also creating a positive business case for large infrastructure development projects. 


Business model:     

The simultaneous roll out of ICT and electricity lowers the cost of the installation, thus enabling a grid connection of rural areas at a lower cost for local municipalities. Furthermore, they profit from the combined revenues of electricity and ICT consumption. 


Current status:        

In 2019, DeveloPPP contract was signed with a total of ~200.000 € investment, thereof 100.000 € from AdvaOptical. In September 2020 the Fiber installation was successfully installed. Their pilot project covers 4 sites now: A school, a health centre and 2 rural government offices. E-FTTV’s offer has received much acclaim and interest. The team is currently looking to attract additional investments in order to extend their roll-out to 50 health centres, which are crucial to the Ugandan government's cooperation efforts to manage the municipal transmission of COVID-19.


Expected impact:    

Offering access to energy and ICT to urban and rural communities, especially those who cannot afford grid connection, increasing productivity of rural communities and encouraging additional economic activities through ICT ecosystem development, improving productive use of energy from the grid and access to ICT services by providing broadband access, providing a replicable blue print for government agencies to sustainably electrify the country. 



ADVA Optical Networking SE, Corning, Rural Electrification Agency (REA), National Information Technology Authority Uganda (NITA-U), Uganda Communication Commission / Rural Communication Development Fund (UCC/RCDF). 




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