E-/FTTV: Bringing electricity and fiber to the village

Electricity and Fiber To The Village (E-/FTTV) is a shared infrastructure concept that combines the roll out of electricity distribution lines and fiber optic cable in rural areas of Uganda and includes an ICT eco system. The simultaneous roll out of the aerial fiber and grid saves up to 40 % of the deployment cost from civil works while the ICT eco-system expands the use of electricity in rural areas.

The venture builds upon the business model that E-/FTTV profits from the combined revenues of electricity and ICT consumption.

As off September 2020, the E-/FTTV pilot project covers four sites: a school, a health centre and two rural government offices. Beforehand, the venture had attracted investments of ~200.000€ from DeveloPPP and 100.000€ from AdvaOptical. Based on the pilot’s success, the NITA-U (National Information Technology Authority Uganda) is planning to scale the E-/FTTV approach nationally and extend the roll-out to 1900 sites in order to sustainably electrify the country.


Developed in lot 6 // Challenge: How might we improve access to affordable and reliable energy in Uganda?

Team: ADVA Optical Networking SE, Corning, Rural Electrification Agency (REA), National Information Technology Authority Uganda (NITA-U), Uganda Communication Commission / Rural Communication Development Fund (UCC/RCDF). 


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