lot FastForward: Our fast track for rapid, virtual innovation

Lot FastForward is the rapid innovation approach of the lab of tomorrow. In situations like the COVID-19 crisis, we need to act quickly and build on existing solutions to create impact fast. Lot FastForward offers an efficient and compact approach that is fitted for challenges for which there are solutions already available to build upon, develop them for a specific context and thus bring change much quicker and more efficient than in situations that require a more comprehensive effort.  

How lot FastForward works

In our FastForward processes small interdisciplinary teams innovate together remotely over the course of only a few weeks. Participants can come from the private sector, politics, the civil society and academia and are united by an entrepreneurial mindset, creativity, openness, team spirit and the goal to create sustainable impact. During the virtual ideation sprints as well as the business design workshop they will be coached professionally and receive further support for testing and incubating their business models.