What is your challenge about?

You detected a problem? A need? Something in your environment that you think should work better or differently? We call this a "challenge". Please describe in brief what your challenge is about - we might just have the right tool for you to solve it! Bear in mind that in order to be suitable for a lab of tomorrow process, your challenge needs to offer potential for business solutions: there should be one or more segments of actors who would be willing to pay for a solution to the challenge. To fill out this form you will approximately need 15 minutes

Example Prevention and control of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in Ghana.
Example Diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and stroke account for 43% of all deaths in Ghana. The healthcare system is strained by dealing with NCDs and an improvement of education and access to testing and drugs for the general public is necessary.
  • Less people in Ghana falling ill with NCDs
  • Better care and treatment of NCD patients in Ghana
  • Relieve of the Ghanaian health care system
Who would be willing to pay for a solution to this challenge?

Note down the end consumers, companies, institutions or other actors who might buy a solution to the challenge. Pease note that if donors are the only actors who might buy solutions, the lab of tomorrow process is not the right tool for your challenge.

Example Pharmacies, NCD patients, hospitals, healthcare businesses, ..
Who would be willing to create a solution and bring it to the market?

Which businesses or entrepreneurs might be interested in co-creating products or services that help solve the challenge? Are there other, non-private sector individuals or organisations who are interested in solving the challenge?

Example Pharmaceutical companies, companies offering medical equipment, healthcare start-ups, pharmacists, IT companies, entrepreneurs, healthcare researchers, ...
Why is there no solution in the market yet?

New business solutions require a niche to live in. If there is no solution to your challenge in the market yet, this might indicate a great opening for new business solutions. But there could also be important political, regulatory or technological reasons, a lack of market demand or existing substitute solutions.

Example Lack of confidence in new solutions, limited financial resources in the Ghanaian healthcare sector and of Ghanaian patients, data protection/security concerns, ...
Is there anything else you would like us to know about your challenge proposal? (optional)
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