The Integrators: Making off grid energy accessable

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in rural areas in Uganda are challenged by unreliable or high cost energy access or a lack of energy access altogether. This negatively affects the productivity and revenues of the SMEs. Analyses with a pilot customer have shown, that 20% of the time power is down in their area. The production also can not be extended, due to a lack of power availability. 

The Integrators offer a combination of different non grid energy production components, tailored exactly to the needs and specific situation of the companies. Through high quality planning and implementation, a sustainable solution leading to reliable energy access and reduced costs, as compared to diesel generators, can be reached for the SMEs. 


Business model: 

The Integrators receive revenue from the customers for the planning and implementation of the energy production components. Customers are companies in areas lacking reliable access to energy over 500 KW demand. 


Current status:     

The market potential has been evaluated in depth in cooperation with pilot customer. The business model was refined to implement the pilot and scale it later.  


Expected impact: 

Improve productivity of SMEs by introducing and optimizing green energy supply and efficiency, enabling growth by saving fuel costs and supply off-grid communities with energy, providing SMEs with renewable energy and enabling them to become shareholders of the system, enabling these SMEs to develop additional revenue streams such as selling electricity to surrounding households or expand their business value chain.



Siemens, ABO Wind  



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