Upstrim: Training managers to make the tourism sector viable

The main obstacle for the efficient development of the tourism sector in Egypt is the lack of skilled personnel, including qualified upper and middle managers. Managers often lack professional as well as soft skills that they need to keep up with their everyday tasks and to cope with future challenges in the hospitality sector in Egypt. 

Upstrim offers a modular training programme for upper and middle management in hard and soft skills. Core of the system is a mentoring program that transforms experienced managers in their last years of their professional career into mentors for the trainees of Upstrim. Together with their mentors, the trainees plan their individual career path and set-up a customised training programme. The programme adapts to the trainees’ needs and offers courses in leadership, strategy, HR, sustainability, safety and health. Upstrim aims at modernising management training and enabling trainees to adapt to future challenges in the Egyptian hospitality sector.  


Business model:

Upstrim offers its management training programme to hotels. 


Current status:

A cooperation agreement was signed between TUI and GIZ for piloting the business model. The first training cycle started in August in Hurghada. After its conclusion, an analysis of the satisfaction and learning improvements of the trainees will follow. The team behind Upstrim is also currently identifying and engaging future customers (hotels). First training cycle starts with 18 trainees.TUI invested 33.750 € in Upstrim.


Expected impact:

Educate on and improve sustainability, health and safety standards; Improve management skills and service quality in Egyptian hotels; Enable hospitality workers to design their own career path and provide a perspective for seasoned managers; Provide a programme for modern and lifelong learning. 


The team:

TUI AG, TÜV NORD Egypt, Axsios 

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