Wheeling Fruits: Drying fruit instead of tossing it

Wheeling Fruits by Myonga Fresh Greens is a mobile food processing unit that allows to dry surplus and “ugly” fruits in order to make them durable and transportable and thus save costs and waste. This mobile unit can be fitted onto a trailer and move between farming areas.

The venture builds upon the business model that the produce is sold to customers abroad, for example in the European Union. A model where the mobile processing unit is rented to farmers is also an option. 

More than 2.400 farmers are already involved in Wheeling Fruits. The venture has secured a partial grant (€25.000) from the Kenya Climate Innovation Center for the purchase of the mobile processing unit. They have also reached the 10 finalists of the biggest business plan competition for KCJF funds in Kenya and are among the top 5 companies selected for grant funding to cover investment and operating costs at the aggregation sites. 


Developed in lot 2 // Challenge: How might we solve the food waste problem in Kenya?

Further information:
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