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lab of tomorrow - new ways to new business

The lab of tomorrow fosters the development of new business-driven solutions for specific problems affecting developing and emerging countries.

On behalf of the German Federal Government, we bring together European and in-country companies, customers and specialists to collaborate on developing successful business ideas for solving countries’ problems, such as the supply of medicines in Kenya or rural electrification in Uganda.

Three things make the lab special:

  1. The lab operates in the real world: practical solutions are identified and developed for a real problem.

  2. The lab is creative: its extraordinary blend of participants from different backgrounds turns out highly innovative business ideas.

  3. The lab is cooperative: companies pool their resources to jointly develop business models.

These factors realised in seven labs have given rise to 42 promising business ideas.

The lab of tomorrow creates business ideas and inspires all kinds of companies – from the small IT start-up to global players such as Merck and Siemens – to solve a specific problem affecting a developing or emerging country.


Curious? Feel free to contact us, share your ideas and join the lab of tomorrow community!

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  • © GIZ / Viktor Schanz

    "The lab of tomorrow is a truly enriching experience and a demonstration of the value of teamwork in generating solutions with people from diverse backgrounds. A great experience.“

    Elizabeth Ogaja
    Health minister of the county Kisumu (Kenya)
  • © GIZ / Viktor Schanz

    "The lab of tomorrow brings together companies from Europe and Africa and creates new ideas."

    Günter Nooke
    Personal Representative of the German Chancellor for Africa in the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
  • “The lab of tomorrow - Excellent methodology, dedication, innovations and results. Keep it up!”

    Berlin Msiska
    Former Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) Commissioner-General
  • © GIZ / Viktor Schanz

    "The lab of tomorrow has developed many business models that inspire us."

    Dr. Kai Beckmann
    Member of the executive board and chief administration officer at Merck
  • © GIZ / Viktor Schanz

    "The lab of tomorrow is a very innovative method for developing solutions with companies worldwide."

    Dr. Christoph Beier
    Vice-chair of the management board
  • "The lab of tomorrow – Let’s talk energy!“

    Magoola Baker Kirunda & Alinc Nurcan
    Corporate Communications Manager - Kainyara Sugar Limited (Kirunda) & Business Development Manager Ugandan Manufacturer Association UMA - CIM Expert (Nurcan)
  • © GIZ / Paul Hahn

    "The lab of tomorrow is innovation alive.“

    Michael Pittelkow
    Executive development policy partner relations at SAP Africa
  • © GIZ / Paul Hahn

    "The lab of tomorrow is a great "laboratory" for the joint implementation of innovative solutions."

    Gunda Amat Amoros
    Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
  • © GIZ / Paul Hahn

    "The lab of tomorrow gave me the chance to have a real impact in Africa on the things that matter.”

    José Ernesto Olmeda Pereira
    ibes AG
  • © GIZ / photographer: Martin Hangen

    "The lab of tomorrow is developing tailor-made solutions for Africa – transferred into business."

    Sabine Dall’Omo
    CEO at SIEMENS South Africa
  • © GIZ/Tristan Vostry

    “The lab of tomorrow – innovation isn’t just about products; it’s about making the required change happen.”

    Lilian Mbau
    Project Manager & NCD Programme Advisor at AMREF