lab 3: Dirk Rabien, GIZ project manager, on the 3rd lot process in Kenya and what he learned from it

How might we improve access to medicines and medical diagnosis in Kenya?

That was the central question of the third lab of tomorrow process. Launched in 2016, lab 3 initiated five promising business-driven solutions to improve access to medicines to low-income populations in Kenya, especially in rural and remote areas.

Dirk Rabien, project manager at GIZ, shares his experiences with the third lot process that was conducted in collaboration with the GIZ project “Access to Medicines” in Kenya. This collaboration played a crucial role as it ensured a local view on the specific development challenge in the region and allowed for a deeper understanding of local needs and expectations.

For Dirk, particularly the collaboration across different disciplines, locations, and between diverse stakeholders were key factors for the success of the third lot process. Government representatives as well as representatives of IT companies, pharmaceutical and logistics companies, start-ups, and supply chain management experts from Kenya and Germany took part in the lot process. “I have the impression that the high diversity brings out the creativity so that new fields of ideas were opened up. This moment was very exciting and very creative.”

Watch this video to learn about the challenges, organizational steps and added value of the lot approach. Get insights on why Dirk recommends joining a lot process and how the collaboration influenced his work at GIZ:

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