Meds on Demand: digital tool for medication procurement

In Kenya as well as in other East African countries, small clinics, pharmacies and drug shops provide over 60% of primary health care. Especially for people living in rural areas, they oftentimes represent the first point of access to medicines and consultation. Yet they often lack the tools required to deliver effective care, managing their operations via pen and paper, supporting patients who pay cash for their healthcare and relying on fragmented supply chains for medication of unknown quality.

Meds on Demand by Maisha Meds is a digital tool that helps healthcare providers manage sales and inventory, source quality medication and provide discounts and subsidies to help patients access high-impact health products. It allows them to view drug prices, stock levels and delivery times at any time, leverages sales data to design smart order packages and provides trade credit for unbanked pharmacies. Additionally, it functions as a digital medication reimbursement platform to help global health funders and pharma companies selectively subsidize products for high risk or low-income patients using mobile money.


Business model:

Pharmacies pay a small commission fee on placed orders and Maisha Meds plans on selling collected data to regulators and pharma firms additionally.  


Current status:   

Maisha Meds is a registered non-profit joint venture based in Nairobi. Until now, it reached around 1 million patients with its services. In late 2019, Maisha Meds started collaborating with USAID and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, who each support the venture with an investment of 1.5 million €. Via partnerships with SHOPS Plus and PSI, Maisha Meds is expanding to Tanzania and Uganda.


Expected Impact:

Ensuring access to affordable and high-quality medications, improving the supply-chain for private clinics and pharmacies in Kenya:

  • Market potential of around 18,000 pharmacies, clinics and drug shops across East Africa.
  • With Meds on Demand’s reimbursement service, Maisha Meds estimates to reimburse medication costs for over 20,000 people in 2020.



Maisha Meds


Further information:

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