lot 11: prevention and control of non-communicable diseases in Ghana



Provision of affordable and effective drugs

1. How might we enable pharmacies to provide the most affordable and effective drugs to NCD patients in a world where effectiveness is hard to determine and where people doubt the quality of generics? 


NCD prevention through healthy lifestyle promotion

2. How might we engage busy urban and peri-urban dwellers to keep a healthy lifestyle that avoids NCDs, in the face of cultural comforts that prevent them from doing so? 


Accessible testing and monitoring systems

3. How might we provide NCD patients with approved, easily accessible testing and monitoring system so they are empowered to conveniently manage their situation? 


Seamless access to NCD care in a fragmented system

4. How might we provide seamless access to continuous care at different facilities for NCD patients on the go in a world where access to health facilities and insurance for care is fragmented and not synchronized? 


Connect health facilities for continuous treatment

5. How might we connect pharmacists, clinics and labs in order to offer coordinated and continuous NCD treatment (e.g. follow-up appointments, adherence to treatment protocols)?  

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