lot 14: Towards a circular food system in Rwanda



Access to high-quality organic farm inputs

1. How might we create accessible, affordable, high-quality organic farm inputs for small scale farmers to increase productivity and promote regenerative farming?


Sustainable and affordable animal feed products

2. How might we develop sustainable, local, affordable animal feed products and services in order to create revenues for producers and inputs for livestock farmers?


Utilization of the by-products of horticulture value chains

3. How might we create new products and business models to utilize the by-products of horticulture value chains in order to improve the economic situation of all the stakeholders in the supply chain?


Access to infrastructures and equipment for farmers

4. How might we create new and sustainable business models to allow farmers access to crucial infrastructures and equipment in order to decrease post-havest loss and increase their productivity and livelihood?


Linking rural and urban food systems

5. How might we better link rural and urban food systems in order to improve market access of smallholder farmers and ensure access to healthy, nutritious, locally grown food?

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