GoodFish: Fresh fish through continuous cooling

GoodFish is an online marketplace that directly connects fish farmers in Kenya with restaurants and hotels to provide the businesses with quality fish and offer the farmers a fair remuneration. By making available a continuous cold chain, the venture prevents fish from getting spoiled before reaching the customers.

The venture builds upon the business model that hotels and restaurant pay GoodFish a fee for their services.

GoodFish successfully concluded its first pilot in cooperation with one hotel. The business model could be approved, and feedback was very positive. They are now working on acquiring more business partners, as well as a cooling truck and house for securing a continuous cold chain also for bigger amounts of fish.


Developed in lot 13 // Challenge: How might we enable cooled transport in Western Kenya to reduce food losses?

Team: KEPSA, ibes, WeTu, Green Rhino, Lake Hub

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