lot 16: Sub-Challenges

We identified five main sub-challenges: 

digital wildlife experiences for tourism and zoos

1. How might we enable the tourism sector /or zoos to add new income streams by allowing people to experience the Namibian nature virtually via digital (live) content provided by local tourism actors and research institutions, as well as landscape guardians?


incentivise nature engagement virtually

2. How might we incentivise and enable individuals to engage with the Namibian nature virtually provided via offerings from local tourism actors, research institutions, as well as landscape guardians?


digital co-creation opportunities for local artisans

3. How might we enable local artisans to interact virtually with customers in the creation process of biodiversity-based products?


gamified biodiversity experiences for gamers and nature lovers

4. How might we encourage gamers and nature lovers to engage in biodiversity-based digital and gamified experiences, that build on content provided by local communities?


increase spending for nature protection

5. How might we digitally and directly connect nature-lovers with local communities guarding wildlife (landscape guardians) to increase spending for nature protection?

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