Participant Agreement for the lab of tomorrow

Objective of the workshop

The lab of tomorrow is a collaborative Design-Thinking workshop that aims to develop innovative solutions for developmental challenges.


Rights of use

Each of the contractual partners is entitled without restriction to use the knowledge, results and reports that it generates as part of the joint project.

  • The parties hereby grant each other an irrevocable, worldwide, non-exclusive licence for the duration of the statutory copyright protection and other property rights to use for internal purposes all reports, studies, drafts, documentation, articles, information, documents, illustrations, drawings, plans, calculations, materials, computer programs, photographs, slides, logos, brands, image files and other visual representations and findings that are created or procured in connection with the lab of tomorrow.


Confidentiality of information brought into the joint project by the parties

Unless stipulated otherwise in this agreement, each party shall treat as confidential all information marked as such that it receives from the other party in connection with or during the joint project and shall not disclose such information to third parties without the prior written consent of the other party.


The term ‘confidential information’ does not cover information that:

(a) was in the public domain at the time of disclosure or entered the public domain thereafter;

(b) was disclosed to the receiving party by a third party before this agreement was concluded;

(c) was already in the possession of the receiving party at the time of disclosure;

(d) was developed by the receiving party independently of the lab of tomorrow.


Use of photos and videos

I agree that photos and videos taken during the event which depict me, may be used for public relation activities of GIZ and BMZ. I further agree that these photos and videos are used by GIZ and BMZ for publication on their websites. The data will not be used for commercial purposes. The given authorization may be cancelled at any time at

Competition Law guidelines for the lab of tomorrow

GIZ and the participant companies agree that their collaboration with regard to the lab of tomorrow will be conducted in compliance with the following competition guidelines:

The participant companies acknowledge that the purpose of meetings and other communications between them will be limited to enhancing the project goals as set forth in the Participation Agreement. The workshop will follow an agenda which will be distributed by GIZ to participant companies prior to the workshop.


The discussions during the lab of tomorrow workshop will be recorded in a written protocol which will be distributed to the companies by GIZ.

In order not to give rise to Competition Law concerns, the participant companies agree not to discuss or exchange information or enter into agreements concerning:

  • current or planned prices or elements of such prices, including price differentials, discounts, allowances, pricing methods or formulas,
  • the allocation of territories, customers or suppliers;
  • costs, profits and margins;
  • terms and conditions of sale or purchase;
  • actual or planned bids;
  • production plans, production capacity or capacity utilization;
  • market shares;
  • specific current or future business plans and strategies;
  • details of contractual arrangements with customers or suppliers.
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