The lab experience for GIZ partner projects

You are managing a GIZ project and try to find business-driven solutions to some of your challenges in your project?

The lab of tomorrow helps you find and engage European companies which together with your local stakeholders will co-create new business solutions to your project's challenges.

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© GIZ/Tristan Vostry
© GIZ/Tristan Vostry

As the manager of a GIZ project, are you looking for ...

  • new ways of cooperating with companies in order to increase the impact of your project in terms of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?
  • new solutions to the challenges your project faces, and opportunities to implement them within the framework of your project?
  • practical and sustainable solutions to these challenges through cooperation with private companies?
  • support in designing an integrated development partnership (iEPW)?
  • contacts with German and European companies, ranging from start-ups to global corporations like Siemens or Merck?
  • a chance to use innovation and digital solutions to promote your project's work and allow it to stand out?

The lab of tomorrow offers you ...

  • a simple and successfully tested way of connecting your project with private companies in the spirit of Agenda 2030, by translating your problems into business opportunities.
  • support in achieving your indicators through cooperation with the private sector, whereby you retain all decision-making powers over the process.
  • the involvement of your political partners and local stakeholders in developing the business ideas that can solve the challenges facing your project. These business ideas will be developed quickly, and tested with effective private-sector partners in the country.
  • opportunities to identify additional private funding.
  • access to G130s network of German and European companies.
  • greater visibility for your project among your political partners, within the GIZ system and vis-à-vis BMZ.

The process

1. Challenge

a. You suggest a challenge faced by your project (click here to see examples of previous challenges)

      The suggestion includes:

  • a brief description of the problem
  • the target groups affected by this problem
  • the stakeholders that are relevant to this problem
  • initial ideas regarding European companies that could play a part in the respective area; existing contacts, if possible
  • reasons why you think the problem exists and hasn't been resolved yet


b. We discuss your suggestion with you, and consider:

  1. Is your problem described in a way that leaves room for creative solutions?
  2. Does the problem affect one of your project's indicators?
  3. Is there an opening for European companies to contribute with their expertise or technologies to the resolution of the problem?
  4. Apart from your project, what other actors might also have ownership for this problem (other GIZ projects, companies, foundations, civil society, other donors, multilateral organisations)?
  5. The financial resources needed for a lab of tomorrow process (EUR 80,000 to EUR 200,000)
  6. The work involved (research, workshop, testing and piloting)
  7. Possibilities of finding a partner company to co-finance the lab (a partner company is a company whose business is also negatively affected by the problem you identify) 


c. If the assessment is positive, we will work with you to eloborate sub-challenges of the problem as the basis for a collective lab of tomorrow.


2. Research

For a detailed understanding of the problem and its causes, we carry out research with your assistance, focusing on the relevant stakeholders of each sub-challenge.


3. Innovation workshop

  • In response to your requirements, we secure the participation of experts from the public and private sector in a three-day innovation workshop.
  • We organise the innovation workshop, where interdisciplinary teams develop business ideas as solutions to the sub-challenges.
  • At least one representative of your project takes part in the workshop, where you have the chance to define the criteria for the necessary solutions.
  • You decide which of the business ideas you want to finance in order to carry them forward during the test phase.


4. Test phase

Together with you, we support the design team in the further development of the selected business ideas, allotting time, human resources and financial means for the test phase in the target country (e.g. for feasibility studies, user tests, field research, etc.)


5. Pilot phase

If the business idea meets your demands during the test phase, you may then support the design team in launching the business model in the target country, to obtain proof of its viability (‘proof of concept’).


6. Operate

The lab of tomorrow process intends to achieve the long-term implementation of the business idea in the partner country, thereby creating shared value for your company and for the country’s development.






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