The lab experience for GIZ partner projects

You manage a GIZ project trying to find business-driven solutions to your project challenges?

The lab of tomorrow helps you to find and engage European companies that co-create together with local stakeholders innovative and sustainable business solutions for your project challenges.


As the manager of a GIZ project, are you looking for ...

• new ways of cooperating with companies to increase the impact of your project to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

• new solutions to the challenges your project faces? And for opportunities to implement those solution within your project?

• practical and sustainable solutions to your challenges through cooperation with private companies?

• support in designing an integrated development partnerships (iEPW)?

• contacts with German and European companies, ranging from start-ups to global corporations like Siemens or Merck?

• a chance to use innovation and digital solutions to promote your project's work and allow it to stand out?

The lab of tomorrow offers you ...

• a simple and successfully tested approach of connecting your project with private companies in the spirit of Agenda 2030, by translating your challenges into viable business opportunities.

• support in achieving your indicators autonomously through cooperation with the private sector.

• the involvement of your political partners and local stakeholders in developing solution-orientated business models. Business model ideas will be developed quickly, and tested effectively together with private-sector partners in the local context.

• opportunities to identify additional private funding.

• access to G130's network of German and European companies.

• greater visibility for your project among your political partners, and within GIZ and BMZ.

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