How it works

The lab of tomorrow brings together diverse actors for the creation of innovative shared-value business models.

The lab process

The lab process guides international private sector business ventures to solve concrete problems in developing and emerging countries. In five phases participants are enabled to realise profitable business ideas with a sustainable impact.

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Together with GIZ projects and partner companies, we identify specific challenges in a developing country or emerging economy, which present business opportunities.

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We conduct user-centred research in order to deepen our understanding of the challenge and its underlying causes. We share the findings on our online platform, where anyone can access the material, discuss it and enrich it. Based on these insights, we develop practical sub-challenges that will be targeted in the innovation workshop.

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Innovation Workshop

In a three-day, design thinking workshop, interdisciplinary teams create innovative business solutions for specific sub-challenges.

Day 1 – understanding the challenge

Day 2 – developing new business ideas to solve the challenge

Day 3 – establishing a roadmap for putting the business ideas into action

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Test phase

For each sub-challenge, the most promising business idea developed in the workshop is carried forward to the test phase. The teams receive support to test their business ideas directly in the target country.

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Pilot phase

Business ideas that pass the initial testing are implemented on a small scale in the target country to prove the viability of the concept.

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Business operations

The aim of the lab of tomorrow is to help companies develop investible shared value business models. At this stage the proof of concept exists, and companies are able to access the required resources to operate.

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