How it works

The lab of tomorrow supports your business in co-creating and implementing viable and innovative business models. Based on a specific development challenge from a developing country or emerging economy, you will develop market-based solutions for the local context in a one-year open innovation process.

The lab process

The lab process guides international private sector business ventures to solve concrete problems in developing and emerging countries. In five phases participants are enabled to realise profitable business ideas with a sustainable impact.

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The lab of tomorrow team and its partners identify a specific current challenge in a developing country or emerging economy.

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The lab of tomorrow team conducts user-centred research to deepen understanding of the challenge, its underlying causes and inherent business potential.

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Innovation Workshop

Supported by business development coaches you co-create and develop innovative business ideas in small and interdisciplinary teams during an intense 4-days workshop. The teams will pitch their early ideas in front of investors and innovation actors for the first time.

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Test phase

Your team’s promising business idea moves into the test phase, during which you refine your business model with the support of the coaches.

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Pilot phase

Successfully passing the test phase, your team receives further support to implement your solution on a small scale in the target country.
Teams that are able to proof the viability of their concept are finally enabled to pitch their solutions once more in front of potential investors.

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Business operations

Exiting the lab of tomorrow process, venture teams are in a strong position to scale up their operations independently.

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