The lab experience for solution providers

Your products and services are relevant for ventures in developing and emerging countries? You are open to new, innovative business model opportunities?

With the lab of tomorrow, you have the opportunity to find new customers and partnerships for your company in developing and emerging countries. Become a solution provider for a specific challenge that is relevant for your work. Tackle new markets and benefit from an extensive network.

You would like to ...


• have the chance to enter new markets or to expand your business in developing countries and emerging economies?

• identify markets in developing and emerging countries with a demand for your company’s expertise and technologies?

• to attract new customers for your products and services?

• connect with important stakeholder for your business operations?

• get in touch with significant political partners in developing and emerging countries?

• find ways to increase your company’s innovation power?

• contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations?.

The lab of tomorrow offers you …

• the opportunity to cooperate with potential customers and local experts during an innovation workshop.

• new opportunities to deploy your company’s technologies in developing and emerging countries.

• structured process and support to test and apply your business model ideas in the target country.

• the chance to form close ties with public and private-sector experts from Germany, Europe, and developing and emerging countries.

• a global network that gives you access to ministries, public authorities and other relevant stakeholders in our partner countries.

• innovative ‘design thinking’ methods to create viable business models.

• the opportunity to develop innovative business ideas in a shared value approach, and to make a contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

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