The lab experience for solution providers

Your products and services are relevant for ventures in developing and emerging countries and you are open to new, innovative business opportunities?


With the lab of tomorrow, you have the opportunity to find new customers and partnerships for your company in developing and emerging countries. Become a solution provider regarding a specific challenge that is relevant for your work, tackle new markets and benefit from an expanded network!


© GIZ/Tristan Vostry
© GIZ/Tristan Vostry

Do you want ...

  • the chance to enter new markets or to expand your business in developing countries and emerging economies?
  • to identify markets in developing and emerging countries where there is a demand for your company’s expertise and technologies?
  • new customers for your products and services?
  • opportunities to network with the people who are really important for your business?
  • to make contact with significant political partners in developing and emerging countries?
  • to find ways of increasing your company’s innovation power?
  • opportunities to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of Agenda 2030?

The lab of tomorrow offers you …

  • a three-day workshop in which you cooperate with potential customers in developing customised business ideas as solutions to problems facing a developing or emerging country.
  • new openings to deploy your company’s technologies in developing and emerging countries.
  • a structured process with our support, for you to test and apply your business ideas locally in the target country.
  • the chance to form close ties to public and private-sector experts from Germany, Europe, developing and emerging countries.
  • a global network that gives you, a provider of solutions, access to ministries, public authorities and other relevant stakeholders in our partner countries.
  • the use of ‘design thinking’ as a modern innovation method.
  • an opportunity to develop innovative business ideas in a shared value approach, and as such to make a contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of Agenda 2030.

How it works

1. Challenge

Look through the list of challenges that face developing or emerging countries shown on our website, and click the ‘vote’ button if you are interested in taking part. Once a challenge attracts enough business interest, the lab gets scheduled and you can apply to participate.


2. Research

Review the research findings that are available on the website and get a deeper understanding of the challenge and its sub-challenges. You can also discuss the research with others and add your own ideas.


3. Innovation workshop

Be part of an interdisciplinary team in a three-day innovation workshop and develop new business ideas as solutions to the challenge together with your future customers. Each team consists of company representatives, sector experts and stakeholders from government and local businesses. As a team, you develop business ideas that will provide your potential customers with tailor-made solutions.


  • Day 1 – understanding the challenge
  • Day 2 – developing new solutions
  • Day 3 – establishing a roadmap for putting the solutions into effect


4. Test phase

If the customer is convinced by the business idea developed at the workshop, you get the chance to take it into the test phase. You receive support lasting 3 months to conduct trials of your business idea in the partner country. You might carry out a feasibility study, make field visits or conduct initial user tests.


5. Pilot phase

If your idea passes the tests, the next step is to implement the business model on a small scale in the target country to prove the viability of the concept.


6. Operate

The aim of the lab of tomorrow is to help companies develop investible shared value business models. At this stage, the proof of concept exists and companies are able to access the required resources to operate.




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