The Integrators - Clean energy for Ugandan factories


Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in rural areas in Uganda are challenged by unreliable or high cost energy access or a lack of energy access altogether. This negatively affects the productivity and revenues of the SMEs. Analyses with a pilot customer have shown, that 20% of the time power is down in their area. The production also can not be extended, due to a lack of power availability.


The solution: 

The Integrators offer a combination of different non grid energy production components, tailored exactly to the needs and specific situation of the companies. Through high quality planning and implementation, a sustainable solution leading to reliable energy access and reduced costs, as compared to diesel generators, can be reached for the SMEs. 


The business model: 

The factory pays for the planning and implementation of the energy production components. 


Current status: 

  • Market potential evaluated in depth in cooperation with pilot customer 

  • Business Modell calculated 

  • Pilot to be implemented, model to be scaled afterwards 



  • Customers are companies in areas lacking reliable access to energy over 500 KW demand 


Expected impact: 

  • Improve productivity of SMEs by introducing and optimizing green energy supply and efficiency 

  • Enabling growth by saving fuel costs and supply off-grid communities with energy 

  • Providing SMEs with renewable energy and enabling them to become shareholders of the system 

  • Enabling these SMEs to develop additional revenue streams such as selling electricity to surrounding households or expand their business value chain


The team: 

Siemens, ABO Wind  



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