Kickstarting businesses and development in !!!emerging!!! markets

How it works

The lab of tomorrow programme for sustainable business co-creation

The lab of tomorrow is a business development programme to solve specific challenges in emerging markets. It inspires European and local businesses to jointly create new products and services that generate long-term impact on the ground.

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  1. The lot drives business
    We bring access to new markets, local expertise and business opportunities in developing countries
  2. The lot builds relevant networks
    We match businesses from the EU and emerging markets to co-create and co-own products
  3. The lot creates social impact
    The new products and services contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

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Our track record

The lab of tomorrow has been the programme of choice by GIZ projects, the Austrian and the Swiss Development Agencies as well as companies to solve specific development challenges all over the world.

Running & completed programmes
Companies participated
Ventures preparing market entry
Businesses active in the market
TÜV Rheinland
Boehringer Ingelheim
Africa Works

Your opportunities

Learn how you can benefit from the lab of tomorrow programme.

Solve your development challenge

The lab of tomorrow programme activates the private sector to achieve SDG impact. Your advantages of initiating a programme include:
  • Let the private sector solve your development challenge – we help you identify unmet needs with business potential.
  • As an initiator, you steer the programme and bring in all the people necessary for success. 
  • Benefit from our network and gain access to business partners, development agencies, investors, mentors and policy makers.
  • The impact created by the lab of tomorrow programme goes beyond development cooperation project lifespans.

Develop your business in emerging markets

Expand into emerging markets together with new business partners! Your benefits of participating in the programme include:
  • Business case sourcing: We identify business opportunities in emerging markets for you to choose from.
  • Participant sourcing & matching: We match you with relevant local and international companies in interdisciplinary teams.
  • As a team, you co-create a new product or service and benefit from business development coaching.
  • Partner network access: you gain access to business partners, investors, mentors and policy makers.

Invest in solutions and support innovations

Gain access to impact investment opportunities in various markets and sectors! Your benefits in supporting our ventures include:
  • Be the first to know about investment opportunities in untapped markets.
  • You become part of our strong network of innovators and entrepreneurs.
  • Receive access to invest in our ventures at different stages. We invite you to pitch sessions, demo days and share our dealbook.
  • Bring in companies from your portfolio and offer them interesting business development opportunities.





How it works

Find out how sustainable and profitable business models are created in a lab of tomorrow programme and what’s in it for you.

How it works

Challenge in spotlight

Take a glance at our most recent lab of tomorrow business opportunities.

egypt | packaging | sustainability

Innovative and sustainable packaging for food processing industries in Egypt

How can we reduce the negative environmental impact of the food packaging industry by fostering alternative solutions?

Ready to create impact?

Currently running challenges

Take a look at our currently running challenges and the potential business opportunities they present for you.


Understand target
energy-efficiency | renewable-energy | tunisia
Energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy in Tunisia
Ideate solutions
egypt | packaging | sustainability
Innovative and sustainable packaging for food processing industries in Egypt
e-commerce | nigeria | transport
Intercity and last-mile transport services for people and goods in Nigeria
Incubate business
biogenic-waste | serbia | wastemanagement
Utilisation of biogenic waste in Serbia
biodiversity | namibia | tourism
Biodiversity pays off digitally in Namibia
agri-food-industry | industry-4-0 | tunisia
Industry 4.0 solutions in Tunisian agri-food industries
plastic-waste | thailand
Decreasing plastic waste in Thailand
food-loss-reduction | western-kenya
Cooled transport to reduce food losses in Kenya
ghana | ncds | prevention
Prevention and control of non-communicable diseases in Ghana
ecommerce | south-eastern-europe | trust
Increasing trust in eCommerce in South-Eastern Europe
clean-energy | mexico | solar-pv
Connecting distributed solar PV projects to the Clean Energy Certificate market in Mexico

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