How it works

The lot programme

Find out how sustainable and profitable business models are created in lab of tomorrow programme and where you can get involved.

Development challenge
A local development challenge with business potential is the starting point of any lab of tomorrow programme.
Understand local needs
Unmet needs of the local population and business opportunities are discovered.
Ideate solutions
Products and services that tackle unmet needs are co-created by interdisciplinary teams.
Incubate business
Market-ready products and services are developed through the newly established joint ventures.
Sustainable business
Impact-driven ventures owned and driven by the private sector.

Get involved

Solve your local development challenge​

The lab of tomorrow activates the private sector to achieve SDG impact and solve local development challenges. As the initiator, you identify unmet needs with business potential and guide the programme.

Develop your business in emerging markets

Seize business opportunities in emerging markets: The lab of tomorrow is your opportunity to expand your product portfolio and access emerging markets together with new business partners.

Invest in solutions and support innovation

Be the first to know about investment opportunities in untapped markets that have social impact: The lab of tomorrow provides you access to exciting and innovative impact investments in emerging markets.

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