The results of the lab of tomorrow programme are viable new ventures owned and driven by the private sector. Learn which business ideas have successfully completed the programme and are established on the market.

lab of tomorrow success stories

The goal of the lab of tomorrow programme is to inspire businesses from Europe and emerging markets to jointly create new products and services that meet local needs. Learn about the ventures that have successfully completed the lab of tomorrow programme and created impact-driven businesses.

Wingcopter: Delivering vital medicines by drone

Wingcopter aims at revolutionising medical supply in remote regions by employing specialised autonomous drones. The drone manages 60 kilometres in 40 minutes, thus saving up to five hours compared to usual transportation.

Food Waste
Wheeling Fruits: Drying fruit instead of tossing it

Wheeling Fruits dries and grounds surplus food with a mobile fruit processing unit in order to make it durable and transportable and thus save costs. This mobile unit can be fitted onto a trailer and move between farming areas.

Meds on Demand: Digital tool for medication procurement

Meds on Demand by Maisha Meds is a digital tool that helps healthcare providers manage sales and inventory, source quality medication and provide discounts and subsidies to help patients access high-impact health products.

CDMS: Lowering end user costs of NCD medication

CDMS decreases the procurement costs of NCD drugs for small and medium-sized hospitals by aggregating their demand. They then obtain quantity discounts from pharmaceutical companies and bypass distributors and wholesalers.

Training Programme
Upstrim: Training managers to make the tourism sector viable

Upstrim offers a modular training programme for upper and middle management in hard and soft skills. Core of the system is a mentoring program that transforms experienced managers into mentors for the trainees of Upstrim.

Health Games: Gamifying NCD Health Knowledge

Health Games provides a platform that enables health care actors to develop the needed awareness and knowledge and that allows to reach a big part of the population. Following the “Gamification” approach, it wraps up knowledge into a fun and competitive format.

Solar Power
Wamala: Cooling milk with solar power

Wamala developed a mobile solar-powered cooling system that produces ice cubes. They allow the cooling of large quantities of milk, without the need for large cold storages and can be flexibly used during transport.

Online Marketplace
GoodFish: Fresh fish through continuous cooling

GoodFish is an online marketplace where fish farmers are connected with restaurants and hotels. The businesses can place orders directly on the web application and get the exact amount and quality from the farmers that they trust.

composting solutions
GreenTech Solutions: Combating food losses through composting systems

GreenTech Solutions is developing composting solutions to address the challenge of organic waste in Rwanda and beyond. The composting system works automatically, controls the environment of the composting and speeds up the process.

Digital travel experience
Skytrip: The new virtual reality travel experience

Skytrip enables a digital travel experience with tours of Namibia for customers from all over the world. As a technology platform for local suppliers, the business model is to mount 360 camera rigs on vehicles and at waterholes.

Wazima Health: Better health care access through remote screening

Wazima Health offers an integrated remote monitoring and screening Telemedicine patient & health management Software as a Service (SaaS) for Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) and women's health

MedStore: easy digital access to NCD medicine

MedStore is a digital tool that provides patients and pharmacies with easy and quick access to non-communicable diseases (NCDs) medicines at the right price.

Recycling of plastic waste
Green Loop: Transforming plastic value chains into value circles

Green Loop collects PET waste and turns it into high-quality raw material with its revolPET® technology.

Affordable feed for livestock farmers
Agricultural Gurus: Feed them the best

Agricultural Gurus address the challenge of farmers not being able to afford feed for their livestock - especially for small and mid-sized farmers. Therefore, the venture focuses on processing agricultural and horticultural waste into animal feed mix.

Smallholder farmers

Foodlinx improves market access for farmers by cutting out the middlemen. The company buys goods directly from farmers at fair prices and sells them to consumers at an affordable price.

TaxOnPhone: Tax declaration and payment via SMS

TaxOnPhone is a mobile and electronic tax system that simplifies tax declaration and payment for SMEs. The system links the online tax platform of the Zambian Revenue Authority to the existing mobile networks in the country.