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Biodiversity pays off digitally in Namibia

This challenge is in phase: Sustainable Business

How might we better protect the biodiversity in Namibia by creating digital, biodiversity-based businesses in conservation landscapes and by capitalizing on the local population’s expertise and resources?

Biodiversity and conservation areas are increasingly under pressure due to climate change, poaching and human-wild-life conflicts. The economic pressure has further risen during the COVID-19 crisis, as tourism has significantly decreased and Namibians in rural areas have dramatically less income. The 16th lab of tomorrow programme seeks to both provide incentives for the sustainable use of biodiversity and diversify income streams for local communities.




Biodiversity is of crucial importance for Namibia. 70% of Namibians depend on biodiversity and natural resources for their livelihood. However, pressure on biodiversity, conservation areas and added economic pressure significantly reduced tourism and, therefore, dramatically lowered income for Namibians. To reduce the breakdown of income, reinforced by the negative impact of COVID-19, the lab of tomorrow programme seeks to increase incomes for the local population in rural areas through jobs that are dependent on biodiversity, strengthen the connection to "Landscape Philanthropists," which donate regularly and connect with virtual tourism products and other digital solutions.

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5 ventures successfully entered the Incubation Phase.


Sustainable Business


Afri Artsy is a global marketplace for African art to match the huge global demand for ethically produced artisanal products. Individual and retail customers have the opportunity to interact with the work of local artisans to receive tailor-made products.



Skytrip enables a digital travel experience with tours of Namibia for customers from all over the world. As a technology platform for local suppliers, the business model is to mount 360 camera rigs on vehicles and at waterholes.

Better than flowers

Better than flowers is an online gifting platform that solves the problem of picking out yet another gift while addressing pressing conservation issues in Namibia. The platform promotes integration with local communities and direct collaboration with landscape conservationists.


Clipspringer is a platform that provides a digital marketplace to connect content buyers with content. Content from local creators with access to wildlife is available to tour operators and other customers.


AfriBox offers a physical and digital adventure delivered in a box to the customer's doorstep worldwide. Integrated with digital aspects such as a game, VR content and physical components, AfriBox offers a unique, exclusive and authentic engagement in Africa that directly supports local communities and conservation areas.