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Decreasing plastic waste in Thailand

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How might we reduce, reuse or replace single-use plastic in order to decrease plastic waste in Thailand?

Approximately 8 million tons of plastic waste end up in the oceans every year, making plastic the #1 pollutant of marine systems. Over half of land-based plastic waste leakage comes from just 5 countries: China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand. The issue of plastic waste pollution is now at the top of private sector, political and civil society agendas, such as the Alliance to End Plastic Waste and the PREVENT Waste Alliance.



Thailand, with a population of 69.63 million, is the 20th most populous country on earth and generates an estimated amount of 0.2 kilograms of plastic waste per capita per day. Sustainable or low packaging solutions would cater to a big market and could have a tremendous impact on single-use plastic reduction.

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Business Opportunities

  • End of single-use plastic beverage containers
  • Green consumer goods production
  • Households & cosmetics packaging
  • Increasing recycled content
  • Processed foods packaging
  • Ready-to-eat food and plastic-free delivery
  • Tourism industry packaging reduction


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Incubate business

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GREENRISE delivers cosmetic and personal care goods packed in reusable containers that can be returned at drop points or via post.


Lilo is a drink subscription app and community that helps eco-conscious cafés and customers avoid single-use plastic waste.

Green Loop

Green Loop collects PET waste and turns it into high-quality raw material that can be reused.

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