Circulareconomy | Kosovo | Wastemanagement

From waste management to circular economy in Kosovo

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How might we improve recycling, treatment & recovery of construction and demolition waste in Kosovo in order to reduce illegal dumpsites in all seven regions?

Construction and demolition waste is a major contributor to the overall waste generated in Kosovo, and usually ends up in illegal dumpsites, which poses significant environmental and social risks. The problem is exacerbated by the lack of education and awareness about proper waste disposal practices. Addressing the challenge also calls for a transition towards a circular economy model. By viewing waste as a resource and encouraging the recycling and reuse of construction materials, the country can move away from the linear approach, thus reducing the burden on natural resources and waste generation. Therefore, the objective of the 19th lab of tomorrow programme is to close the loop between producers of waste and municipalities by creating innovative products that reduce pollution and other negative environmental impacts.