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Improving cross-border e-Commerce services in the Western Balkans

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How might we make cross-border delivery services more reliable, faster, cheaper and climate-friendly for businesses and consumers?

E-Commerce is one of the fastest growing business sectors in the Western Balkans. On average, more than 10% of products and services are purchased online today. However, compared to markets in the EU, the great economic potential of e-Commerce remains untapped. Hindering factors for local businesses are, for example, the lack of transparent, fast, reliable and affordable cross-border delivery services. There is also a growing awareness of climate-neutral business practices.

To address these challenges, GIZ initiated the 21st lab of tomorrow programme, which focuses on improving delivery services for inter-party e-Commerce in the Western Balkans region. 




Embarking on this journey within lab of tomorrow we will look for the opportunities how might we increase reliability and transparency of the delivery process, how delivery process could be become more energy efficient while reducing the total cost of this service or how can we decrease the time of delivery as well as the number of damaged packages due to the inadequate delivery.

Tackling these issues would not only lead to a decrease in the time and cost of delivery, but also to an increase in consumer trust in e-commerce and a rise in the competitiveness of the entire Western Balkan region in doing business on a global level.

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Apply for the 21st lab of tomorrow programme to improve cross-border delivery services in North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Albania!

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Application deadline:

October 22, 2023

Dates for Innovation Sprint:

4-7 December 2023