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Industry 4.0 solutions in Tunisian agri-food industries

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How might we use Industry 4.0 solutions to monitor and control waste and water use in Tunisian agri-food industries?

Tunisian agri-food industries suffer from high quantities of water use and liquid waste resulting in negative impacts on the environment and business performance​. This is caused by a lack of technical and/or human capacities for monitoring water use and liquid waste.




Agri-food production is the fastest growing industry sector in Tunisia with an annual growth rate of 10.7% in 2020. But it is also the most polluting and water consuming sector, contributing to up to 65% of the country's total amount of waste. Within the agri-food industry, olive oil and cheese production do produce the largest amounts of waste, namely margine and cheese whey. 

Find out how olive oil is produced in a video here.
Watch the cheese production process in a video here.

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Sustainable Business

Another Whey

This digital whey management solution enables an optimization of the cheese whey process, a reduction if the environmental impact and a lowering of taxes and water treatment costs. How does it work? The innovative solution connects the sensors measuring temperature, flow and other parameters to an AI algorithm that also considers external data like the weather and location and presents the data to users on a web page and a mobile app. This tailor-made solution combines useful features like decision suggestions, trends history and forecasting, as well as tax cost estimations and much more. Another Whey generates revenue from consultancy, the installation of the solution and assistance and maintenance. 


OlyBoost aims to control the water consumption for efficient olive oil extraction and thereby reduce water consumption within the industry. Through the analysis of the data collected from different sensors and the actuator inefficiencies in the water consumption can be detected and reduced. Revenue will be generated with this innovative solution through the sale of hardware and platform subscriptions. 

The Right Whey

This agile whey management solution provides a unified process management tool for monitoring and actuation. It does this by acquiring and analysing data, automated decision-based actuation, and optimization through a reduction in human dependency and the exploitation of reusage. The product consists of sensor modules and actuator modules that can be retrofitted, a process user interface an independent sensing and real-time actuation option. The Right Whey generates one-time revenue through the sale of its service, as well as recurring revenue through subscription maintenance. 

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