Wingcopter: Revolutionise medical supply in rural areas


Wingcopter builds efficient and sustainable drone solutions to safely deliver healthcare to people in remote areas in Malawi. The initiative establishes a regular and emergency delivery service in the district of Kasungu. The medical commodities are transported to three health centres include antimalarials, maternal health products and antibiotics, general medical supplies such as viral load samples and masks. Wingcopter serves a total population of 1,2 million and the drone deliveries result in a decrease of emissions of 65%.

The venture is based on the business model that Wingcopter provides a unique logistic solution for hospitals and pharmacies in remote areas.

Wingcopter has made 680 emergency deliveries to as many as 17 hard-to-reach health centres. The company is currently on a major expansion drive and plans to expand its operations to provide drones to 7.5 million Malawians. This includes more than 200 new hires, a central Wingport serving 9 districts with more than 80 delivery sites and 4500 deliveries including essential medicines, vaccines, blood and lab samples.


Developed in lot 3

Challenge: How might we improve access to medicines and medical diagnoses in Kenya?

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Website: MalawiOn-Demand Medical Delivery – Wingcopter GmbH

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Team: Wingcopter, UPS, Unicef Malawi

Country: Kenya