Foodlinx improves market access for farmers by cutting out the middlemen. The company buys goods directly from farmers at fair prices and sells them to consumers at an affordable price. Because smallholder farmers have poor access to markets and rely heavily on middlemen who set prices very low, they do not earn a tangible income from their hard work.

By buying produce directly from farmers and selling it in the Foodlinx store, the venture not only improves their living conditions. Customers also learn exactly where the products come from, how the farmers work, what farming methods they use, and so on. In this way, Foodlinx creates a market for organic products that encourages farmers to produce better and receive proper compensation.

So far, Foodlinx has opened a small prototype store. Their plan is to eventually have a food warehouse from which they will supply other stores, sell online, and one day even export.



Developed in lot 14

Challenge: How might we contribute to a circular food system in Kigali/Rwanda? 

Country: Rwanda