GoodFish: Fresh fish through continous cooling


GoodFish is an online marketplace that connects fish farmers in Kenya directly with restaurants and hotels to provide the businesses with quality fish and offer farmers a fair compensation. By maintaining an unbroken cold chain, the venture prevents fish from spoiling before it reaches customers.

The venture’s business model is that hotels and restaurants pay GoodFish a fee for their services.

GoodFish successfully launched its online platform at the end of 2021. Since then, the venture has already recruited 2,000 farmers and 100 hotels and retailers. The venture is now working to attract more business partners and to acquire a refrigerated truck and cold storage facility to ensure a continuous cold chain, even for larger quantities of fish.



Developed in lot 13

Challenge: How might we enable cooled transport in Western Kenya to reduce food losses?


Team: KEPSA, ibes, Green Rhino, Lake Hub

Country: Kenya