Green Loop: Transforming plastic value chains into value circles


Green Loop offers an innovative collection system and revolPET® technology that closes the gap between the end-of-life and a new production of PET plastics. The venture collects PET waste and turns it into high-quality raw material that can be reused. Thus, plastic value chains are transformed into value circles and the vast amounts of plastic waste in Thailand are decreased. 

The venture is based on the business model that the revolPET® technology is lincensed to a PET recycler or producer.

To date, more than 2,000 members have signed up to a collection platform and three declarations of intent have been made to set up a revolPET® plant. Currently, a revolPET® demo plant is under construction and will start operation in the beginning of 2024. 



Developed in lot 8

Challenge: How might we reduce, reuse or replace single-use plastic in order to decrease plastic waste in Thailand?


Contact: Carsten Eichert (

Country: Thailand