Health Games: Gamify NCD health knowledge


Health Games provides an eLearning platform aimed at increasing awareness and knowledge about non-communicable diseases (NCDs). Following the “gamification” approach, it packages life-saving knowledge in a fun and competitive – engaging – format. Since it is an online game, a large part of the population can be reached immediately, and information about the level of awareness of people by region, age, etc. can also be collected, which is of great value not only for governments.

The venture is based on the business model that Health Games licenses its platform to stakeholders interested in raising awareness about NCDs, such as governments and health care actors.

Health Games reached more than 25,000 people and successfully conducted several knowledge tournaments on NCDs, reproductive health and COVID-19. In 2020, 5000 participants from five African countries took part in the "Contest Against Corona". The venture is now working to launch a regular mobile, multilingual "Pan African Health Knowledge Contest" as an international analytics tool for an African digital health education observatory. Health Games is in the process of developing and scaling other social games as prevention tools for clients such as JSI, Merck and BASF.




Developed in lot 5

Challenge: How might we improve chronic disease prevention and control in Kenya?


Website: Health games webpage

Further Information: Health Games in action 

Team: SNTL Publishing, Merck, Allianz, NEXtCARE, John Snow Inc.

Country: Kenya



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