MedStore: Healthcare with 24/7 Delivery Service


MedStore is a digital tool that provides patients and pharmacies with easy and quick access to non-communicable diseases (NCDs) medicines at the right price. Thus, it improves health outcomes of patients across Africa and reduces NCD fatalities.

The venture is based on the business model that raises commissions on transactions on the digital platform. In addition, distributors and manufacturers can pay for more visibility of their products on the platform and additional value can be generated from the collected data.

 So far, MedStore has successfully developed and launched its platform, acquired pharmacies and distributors, and verified delivery options. In the initial phase, 16 pharmacies have signed up, as well as over 1,500 patients who started using the Mobile App. To expand its business, MedStore is currently asking for EUR 150,000 in investment. 


Developed in: lot 11

Challenge: How might we prevent and control NCDs in Ghana in order to relieve the Ghanaian health care system?



Contact: Patrick Asiamah

Country: Ghana