Skytrip by Spherie: Biodiversity, Experience and Protection


Skytrip provides an immersive digital window into the real habitats of animals viewed in zoos around the world. With its virtual reality glasses, Skytrip enables viewers to jump directly into the real world of wild animals and take a 360 degree look around. This solution is based on protection, not destruction, as it transcends the limitations of physical tourism.

The venture is based on the business model that zoos pay for the immersive media experience Skytrip. Additionally, a certain proportion of the revenue from this will flow directly into biodiversity protection in the country where the experience was filmed.

 Up to now, Spherie has been showcasing the Skytrip pilot and thus increased visibility and traction - amongst others at the international tourism conference ITB in Berlin in March, where it attracted huge audience interest. Spherie´s goal is to set up Skytrip in five zoos in Germany in 2023. 


Developed in lot 16

Challenge: How might we better protect the biodiversity in Namibia by creating digital, biodiversity-based businesses in conservation landscapes and by capitalizing on the local population’s expertise and resources?


Website: Spherie GmbH - Capturing Reality


Country: Namibia