Wamala: Cooling milk with solar power


Based on an innovation from the University of Hohenheim, Wamala Energy developed WE Coolers – small-scale mobile solar-powered cooling systems that produce ice cubes. The ice cubes allow large quantities of milk (or other produce, such as fish) to be cooled in off-grid areas without the need for large cold storage facilities. The venture is based on the business model that Wamala Energy receives a share of the additional revenue that the farmers earn due to the cooling systems. Additionally to these solar-powered small systems for individual farmers, Wamala Eneregy furthermore developed a new product: Solar-powered Bulk Milk Cooling (BMC) solution to farmer groups or dairy cooperatives. 

The two systems  increase productivity and income for dairy farmers in rural Uganda significantly. With the farm-based WE Coolers for individual farmers, farmers can cool 10.000 litres of milk per year, which increases the farmers' milk quantity and hence income by 25 %! But these are not the only advantages of the innovation: The solutions offer cooling as a service with no upfront costs and no operation risks, clean energy with no CO2 emissions and without noise pollution and quality equipment with site specific design.

In 2020, Wamala Energy were finalists in the Climate Launchpad (CLP) innovation challenge. They are now working on finalizing the pilot of their new product (Bulk Milk Cooling solution) in cooperation with three farmers and are targeting to implement 200 systems in next 5 years. Therefore, Wamala Energy is looking for investments.



Developed in lot 6

Challenge: How might we improve access to affordable and reliable energy in Uganda?



Website: https://www.wamalaenergy.com/

Team: e.Ray Europe, Uganda Wind Association, Uganda HydroPower Association greentec capital advisors

Country: Uganda