Wheeling Fruits: Drying fruits instead of tossing them


Wheeling Fruits by Miyonga Fresh Greens is a mobile food processing unit that allows surplus and "ugly" fruits to be dried on farm, making them much lighter and more durable for export. This not only saves costs and reduces food waste, but also creates local jobs and better quality products than large-scale production. Miyonga's mobile drying model offers scalable growth potential and specifically aims to build lasting relationships with smallholder farmers and give them more autonomy. 

The basis of the company's business model is the sale of products to customers abroad, currently mainly in the European Union. A model in which the mobile processing unit is rented to farmers is also an option.


By transforming food waste into life-changing income opportunities for subsistence farmers in rural Kenya, Miyonga has already made a remarkable contribution. Since 2021, the company has exported 1086.68 tons of fruit to date. The fruit shipment increases the income of 30,000 farmers by 25%.  Wheeling Fruits has received a total of €300,000 in investments, including from the Kenya Climate Innovation Center and the Research Triangle Institute, and has an annual turnover of €3 million. The company has opened one collection point so far, but plans to open three more locations soon to meet the excess demand. To do so, the company needs further investment.


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Challenge: How might we solve the food problem in Kenya

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Team: Miyonga Fresh Greens, Manuyoo

Article "Working Hand-in-Hand to support Kenyan Farmers' Climate Resilience"

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Country: Kenya