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Energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy in Tunisia

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How might we improve energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy in industry and services in Tunisia?

Currently, Tunisia is heavily dependent on importing energy supplies (almost exclusively fossil fuels) from abroad, with a share of up to 60% of the total energy consumption. Increasing energy efficiency could thereby decrease energy demand and consequently reduce dependency on importing fossil fuels from abroad.




Tunisia has set itself the goal of covering around a third of its energy needs from renewable sources by 2030. In the new strategy, Tunisia committed itself to reduce energy intensity by 30% in addition to producing 35% of their electricity supply from renewable energies. Lastly, the topic of "green hydrogen" is increasingly becoming the focus of public discussion.

Considering these circumstances, the lab of tomorrow in Tunisia aims to create innovative solutions in the fields of energy efficiency and decentralized generation of renewable energies. These new business models, which are developed in a collaborative way between Tunisian and European companies, try to address the challenge of increasing energy efficiency e.g., in the sector of HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), building insulation, the automotive industry, tourism, or the reusage of residual heat in industrial zones. These new business models can help in reducing the overall energy dependency of Tunisia, while simultaneously creating new and sustainable business opportunities for Tunisian and European companies. Lastly, the lab of tomorrow contributes to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. 

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During the ideation sprint in Tunis, the teams developed 7 innovative business ideas.
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